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OnCite™ 7.0
OnCite™ 7.0 is the product of feedback from our clients! We listened and are excited to announce the latest version of OnCite™ New features:
  • Streamlined screen layouts - The layout of forms such as Property Profiles, Leases, Work Orders and Projects, have been streamlined and organized to utilize the screen better. Fields are grouped together in color coded sections on the screen.

  • Client Defined Fields - More Client-defined preferences including field labels, section tab displays, and default text. This puts the power of additional data capturing in the hands of the system administrators.

  • Drop Down Selections - Pop-up pickers have been replaced with drop down fields – this makes entering new Work Orders and other data much faster for the end user. The selection of a Property, Tenant, Project, etc. has been replaced with drop downs to make data entry easier and cleaner.

  • Quick-Adds - Quick-Add icons throughout the system which dramatically reduce the time required to enter Work Orders, Contacts, Leases, Properties, updates to selection lists and much more. From the Home page, a Tenant Request can be entered using 7 fields. These "Quick-Adds" made the generic data entry fast and easy.

  • Faster response for data entry - With the changes in screen layout, data pickers, and Quick-Adds, data entry has been streamlined to drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to input data.

  • New Contact Management Module - Previously, contacts were stored in various places throughout the system. There is now a one-stop-shop for all contacts from Tenant Contacts, Suppliers, Landlords, Management Groups, Investors, Customers, Team Members, Engineers, Property Managers, etc. The contact list is searchable and available on Mobile devices.

  • Personal Views - Personal Views are now in each module which allow for many actions easily from one screen including filtering a list to the specific list needed, printing, creating new documents, mass-updating existing data (e.g. filtering to a list of Work Orders (based on date, type, assigned to, etc), selecting desired ones and marking selected as Complete with a few quick clicks), searching, etc.

  • User Activity Dashboards – The User Activity Dashboards provide a way to view what end users are doing in the system – how many creates, updates, etc.

  • Messaging - Messaging has been updated to include options to send emails or texts to any contact(s) (Tenants, Property Management Team, Engineers)

  • Text Messages - Option to send Text Messages to Engineers

  • Reporting - There are new Standard Reports in new styles (Year Summary, Sub table, Strategic summaries, etc.). The Personal report options have also been enhanced with more schedule options for sending at specific times of day, specific days of the week, and daily, except on weekends.

  • Quarterly Service Bundles – new features, bug fixes and reports are rolled out once a quarter and your team will always be using the latest version of the OnCite Property Management Software System

  • Cross Browser Support - Cross Browser capable (IE, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari) – Includes the Tenant Portal

  • OnCite Mobile – mobile browser version of the system with the options to view and update work orders, view general details about Properties, Leases and Contacts

  • General Navigation - Streamlined Navigation with global access to OnCite Guides, System Settings and ability to create virtually any new document right from the home screen

  • Personal Home Page - A personalizable home page with charts and mini-reports including options to view expiring leases, current open work orders, Property space summary, Chart of Square Footage, past dues, etc.

  • Global Calendar - A new global calendar with drag and drop functionality for easy management of key dates

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