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OnCite™ Document Management
Do you find that important documents such as lease abstracts can be difficult to access and reference when needed? Worse yet, do you find that they occasionally disappear? Would it help if everyone on your team could easily access documents without having to request them from another person and without the risk of misplacing them? Would it be helpful to know that storing those documents in the OnCite™ web-based system, even if you also keep the files on your computers locally, means they are then backed up in a secure data center? Would it be helpful if you could add almost any file to your property management system and relate it to virtually any element in the system (a property, a lease, an asset, a work order (photo, for example), a contact, etc.? If you are looking for a better way to manage all of your documents and get the information you need when you need it, then OnCite′ just might be able to help. To learn more, request a demo.
  • Don't Lose Documents – Passing around hardcopy files can cause pages or entire files to go missing. Store them securely in OnCite™ and no more lost documents!

  • Easy Access From Anywhere By Everyone on the Team – With just an internet connection and their login name and password, anyone on your team can view the attached files they need to view - on demand.

  • Save Time – Users will benefit from tools to help them locate and then access the documents they need quickly and easily.

  • Manage Documents Throughout the System - Associate documents or other files with a particular property, a particular lease, an asset, a work order, etc.

  • Search on Document Content - Find the document you need even if you just know a couple of words that are stored in the document itself. Use the search feature to find it in minutes.

  • Store Virtually Any File - You're not limited to documents. Store files such as photos, pdfs, floor plans or virtually any other file you have stored on your computer.

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