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OnCite™ Data Conversion
Implementing a new software system almost always includes migrating data from another source. Some sources may include:
  • Spreadsheets - If you have been using spreadsheets to track various data sets, we can likely use those spreadsheets and work closely with you to understand the data included in them. We then map your data to the right fields in the software (including client-defined fields we can set up for you) and import the data based on that mapping. You and we then work together in reviewing and tweaking the data in your system until it is right.

  • Export from another System - If you are using another property management software system (or several) and wish to include data from those systems in your new system, we'll work with you to help determine what data you want to include, how much history for say, accounting, and we'll even ask you some questions about the end results you'll need from your new system so we can help guide you as to what data to include and how much in order to give you the results you ultimately need.

  • Hard Copy - If perhaps you haven't had the luxury of a software system and have been using hardcopies extensively (big binders maybe with equipment data?, filling out hardcopy forms for work requests, storing all of your leases in files and drawers), we are here to help! We'll guide you through the process of using many built-in tools in the software to help you get your data mass-created in the system and even offer services to actually obtain your hardcopies and enter the data for you. As always, there is a review process with you and your team so that you can assure that your data is in correctly and ready to serve you!
Regardless of the format of the data, the team at Deep Forest Systems has experience in mapping the data and getting it in the system as needed.

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Sample Property Data Import Spreadsheet

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Sample Lease Data Import Spreadsheet

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