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OnCite™ Budget Management
Is your current budgeting process founded on multiple people creating multiple budget spreadsheets and numerous rounds of approvals and manual updates?
  • Or if you are using a budgeting software package, do you wish it was fully integrated into your property management software?

  • Would it be helpful if everyone on your team could review historic budget data and real-time proposed budgets from home, the office or anywhere?

  • Would it benefit your team if everyone involved in the budget process - from facility managers to accountants to executive approvers - could have one tool that managed and automated the budget process and stored all budget history for future reference?

The OnCite™ Budget system streamlines the creation,submittal, and approval processes as well as tracks the budgeted totals against the actuals. Go to one place to view current budgets, enter variance forecasts, manage CAM budgets, generate CAM reconcilliation charges for invoicing, and more.


  • Streamline the Yearly Budgeting Process - How much time is wasted each year during the budgeting season? Have you emailed and revamped and re-emailed spreadsheets of budget data in a process that never seems to end? OnCite™ provides tools for generating budgets based upon last year's numbers, editing budgets, submitting for approval approving and denying and ultimately locking the budget for the coming year. Imagine entering your budgets and submitting for approval without once clicking send in your inbox! Managers can approve or deny budgets and the information is routed to the necessary team members.

  • Track Variances and Actuals for current Budgets - OnCite™ integrates with the accounting process and pulls in the actuals for comparison reports. Users can then enter Forecast Variances with detailed explanations for the discrepancies in an easy to use interface.

  • Streamline the CAM Process - Dread calculating and creating CAM Reconciliation Charges for Tenants? OnCite™ makes this process quick and easy with several calculation options and a Tenant Report to explain the charge or credit to the Tenant.

  • Budget Entry – Create and track the budget for one job code including a monthly breakdown for budget amount, actuals, variance and variance comments. Enable an optional feature that automatically sends notifications to budget managers when the YTD totals are greater than the budgeted amount.

  • Budget Manager – Reduce administrative effort spent on budget handling by entering, submitting, approving and denying multiple budgets at one time.

  • Forecast Variances - Enter Forecast Variances for an adjusted budgeted amount.

  • Review Actuals - Review Actuals in detail for forecast variances.

  • Manage CAM Budgets and Generate CAM Reconciliation Charges - Manage CAM Budgets easily and generate reconciliation charges and related tenants reports at the click of a button.

  • Report Manager – Generate reports to show budget totals or comparisons of budgeted versus actual.

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