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OnCite™ Accounting
An accounting system specifically designed for Real Estate, OnCite™ Accounting gives you the tools you need to receive custom financial reports, to automate billbacks for work order labor and parts, to capture rent escalations and automatically bill (or pay - depending upon whether you are the Landlord or the Tenant on a given lease) the new amount when it's due with no manual steps.

  • Streamline and automate CAM calculations.

  • View balance sheets, profit and loss, general ledger, invoices and much more by property or by portfolio.

  • Capture uninvoiced charges all month long, review them and then generate invoices.

  • Set accounting rules for calculation of late fees.

  • Capture and apply receivables.

  • Log incoming bills and allocate costs across properties, tenants, projects and budgets.

  • Link bills to the corresponding GL account and/or to a specific Purchase Order.

  • Track and associate bill payments and write checks.

  • Handle deposits and bank reconciliations and review check registers broken down by property.

  • Automate Recurring Charges - Don't miss recurring charges! Add thousands to your bottom line by "remembering" to bill tenants on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis. Using defined rent escalation from the lease administration process, new charge amounts take effect with no further action required.

  • Automate Billing Back for Work Order Labor and Parts - Could you be losing thousands of dollars by not capturing your Work Order Labor and Parts billable line items? OnCite™ takes the manual work out of generating these line items and removes the human error element. Charges for labor hours are no longer forgotten about and billbacks for parts are no longer missed.

  • Common Area Maintenance - CAM reconciliation and general monthly billing can be a headache! The calculating alone takes forever and then you have to provide documentation for each tenant. Using the OnCite™ CAM Manager, this process is smooth and easy providing a breakdown report for each tenant to be sent with their Invoice. Don't put off generating the CAM reconciliation charges any longer!

  • Get Paid Faster - Take the pain and the delay out of generating invoices and get paid faster! OnCite™ provides an Invoicing tool that allows for multiple generation options, review options, and batch printing. Don't spend days or even weeks getting your Invoices together. Automate the process and watch the cash roll in on time!

  • Invoice Manager – Review and generate electronic Charges or Invoices. Use batch, property, tenant, and customer options to build invoices from any combination of billable Work Orders, billable Purchase Orders, one-time charges, and recurring charges.
  • Bills – Split Bill details across all associated Properties, Tenants, and Projects.

  • Payments – Manage Payment information in a number of ways, including via a comprehensive feature that allows payments to be applied to multiple invoices.

  • GL Codes - Track all line items and payments back to a General Ledger Code. General Ledger Codes are definable by the client.

  • Print Controls – Print bulk Invoices for a single date, month, or date range. Additional options include selections for one property, tenant, batch or portfolio that can be printed to the screen or through Microsoft Word.

  • Delinquency Management– Review breakdowns for invoices that are 30, 60, or more than 90 days past due and print bulk “Past Due Notices” for delinquent accounts.

  • Statement Manager – Generate bulk statements for a selected date range with the option to generate for one property, tenant/customer, batch or portfolio.

  • Recurring Charge Schedules – Generate recurring charges per a specified schedule. Provide a start and end date, then choose from monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually to automate the process.

  • Report Manager – Generate aging reports, cash flow statements, tenant ledgers, invoice reports, open bill line items by account number, payment reports, profit and loss, tax reports, unbilled charges reports and more!

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