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At Deep Forest Systems, Customer Support is all about you and your needs. We understand that Customer Support is a critical element in our long-term relationship as it is one of the keys to your happiness as our customer. During your system implementation, your support team is identified and assigned to your project during implementation and throughout our relationship. This means we get to know each other and you never feel like a number. We are here for you in many ways:
  • Client Portal - The Client Portal is a website that you can use to submit requests, track submitted requests and view general information about your account. It's a good tool, especially for those of you who prefer to handle as much of your business as possible without tons of email and phone calls. It's also nice for those of you who work unusual hours and like to submit your request from home, for example, right while it's fresh in your mind. When you do choose to submit a Support Request, your support team at Deep Forest Systems is notified of the new request. You will receive an email or a phone call in return as quickly as possible, sometimes within an hour, sometimes with a business day, sometimes a little longer depending upon the nature of the request, the priority you assign to it, and other factors. But in general, you can always expect a speedy response and a timely resolution of your matter. (That's just one more way we work to earn your loyalty and hope you'll be willing to give us great referrals and then send all of your property management friends at other companies to us!)

  • Email - An email to the your Account Support Manager is also a great way to request help. Sometimes emails are great because you can provide screen shots about your question and we benefit from that whole 'picture is worth a thousand words' saying. Your Account Support Manager will capture the email as a support request so that nothing gets overlooked and will respond and resolve your matter as quickly as possible.

  • Phone Call - While we do live in a world of electronic messaging and online support, we at Deep Forest never underestimate the importance of voices! Sometimes, a phone call is simply the best and quickest way for us to truly understand your needs on a particular matter. So when that happens, just pick up the phone and call. If we are away from our desk or if it's after hours, we'll get back to you as soon as possible or the next business day.

  • Online Assistance - There are times when neither electronic communications nor voices can adequately describe what you see on your screen. In these cases, a member of the Deep Forest Systems team will request that we do an online assistance meeting. This allows the support team member to see your screen through an online interface. From there, we can borrow your mouse, check your browser settings, provide on-the-fly training on how to use a particular system feature to get the most out of it, etc. This is a great tool for us to help you get matters resolved quickly and is also a great training tool.

At Deep Forest Systems, we believe that our customers have important jobs to do and just want to be a success for their companies, tenants, owners and others in the property management process. To that end, we believe that quality, speedy support is key and even critical to your business. Most of the time we respond within the same business day - sometimes the same hour! But you can be sure you are dealing with a team who has your success at heart.

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