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OnCite™ Property Management Software

OnCite™ is the most comprehensive and flexible enterprise-level property management software, project management software & asset management software available today. It is a one-stop, SaaS solution custom-fit to your business processes. It is designed to put your property data, both real-time and historic, at your fingertips wherever you are. If you are looking to:
  • differentiate your service offering to attract and retain tenants,
  • deliver faster higher-quality service,
  • organize your property information and make it visible and accessible throughout your organization,
  • access relevant financial data on demand, and
  • put an end to multiple disconnected and manual systems, then OnCite™ just might be the system for you. Request a demo to explore your options.
  • If you are using email or spreadsheets for work order management today OR if you are using a stand-alone work orders system that is not an integrated part of a comprehensive system, then OnCite™ just might be for you.
    • Capture work order information quickly and easily as calls come in or pair your OnCite™ Work Orders module with the OnCite™ Tenant Portal and receive work orders directly from tenants as they submit service requests online.
    • Assign work as it comes in or set default assignments based on property, tenant, type of request, etc.
    • Set, receive & deliver automated notifications.
    • Maintain updated work order status from inception to completion.
    • Capture performance indicators.
    • Use with the OnCite™ Accounting Module to track costs and invoice tenants.
    • Track the time it takes for a building engineer or supplier to acknowledge the work order, the active time to actually complete the work, and the resolution time from inception to completion.
    • Forecast and plan based on custom reports on who did how much of what work when and where with a few quick clicks.

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      Work Order Management
    The OnCite™ Tenant Portal gives your Tenants a tool to submit Service Requests online 24/7. Branded to match your website and custom-fit to meet your unique needs, the OnCite™ Tenant Portal can also give your tenants access to:
  • general building information,
  • contact information,
  • emergency procedures,
  • available furniture,
  • what's for lunch in the cafeteria,
  • forms they need to fill out,
  • building maintenance schedules impacting them
  • recyclying programs and other green initiatives
  • rent payment status information or other information you need to share with them.

    And when tenants submit their service requests online via the portal, they can track the status online as well. If you preset assignments (for example, if you have one person who should receive all lightbulb change requests for XYZ Property), those work orders will flow from the Tenant right to the Building Engineer with no manual steps.

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    Tenant Portal / Client Portal
  • An accounting system specifically designed for Real Estate, OnCite™ Accounting gives you the tools you need to receive custom financial reports, to automate billbacks for work order labor and parts, to capture rent escalations and automatically bill (or pay - depending upon whether you are the Landlord or the Tenant on a given lease) the new amount when it's due with no manual steps.
  • Streamline and automate CAM calculations.
  • View balance sheets, profit and loss, general ledger, invoices and much more by property or by portfolio.
  • Capture uninvoiced charges all month long, review them and then generate invoices.
  • Set accounting rules for calculation of late fees.
  • Capture and apply receivables.
  • Log incoming bills and allocate costs across properties, tenants, projects and budgets.
  • Link bills to the corresponding GL account and/or to a specific Purchase Order.
  • Track and associate bill payments and write checks.
  • Handle deposits and bank reconciliations and review check registers broken down by property.

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  • Never miss another Renewal or Expiration Date. The OnCite™ Lease Administration system with a built-in tickler system sends email reminders about key lease dates such as Lease Renewal, Lease Expiration, etc. and creates a Lease Activity Work Order for the person responsible for the follow up.

    Manage the leasing process from start to finish, inquiry to occupancy, prospect to tenant and then use powerful customer relationship management features to differentiate your services and retain your tenants. Track all historic data. Send emails and text messages right from within OnCite™ and then maintain all communication history for future reference.

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    Lease Administration
    Use OnCite™ Asset Management & Preventive Maintenance to track and proactively manage all assets within a building.
  • Create instructions for maintenance to be performed and deliver those instructions on the auto-generated preventive maintenance work orders.
  • Proactively inspect and perform scheduled maintenance on building equipment such as cooling towers, chillers, elevators, air handling units and every asset that needs to be proactively maintained.
  • Create flexible schedules (every 3 weeks, every 15 days, every 5 months, etc.) for each asset and each set of instructions for work to be performed.
  • Set work orders to generate two weeks, one week or one day in advance of their due date and assign to engineers one-by-one, in batches or using preset automatic assignments.
  • Run maintenance forecast reports on future maintenance to be performed.
  • View a calendar of activity to aid in scheduling time off for engineers as well as evening out the workload.
  • Set Seasonal Dates to eliminate the need to "remember" to turn off a schedule for off months.
  • Mass dispatch PM Work Orders wirelessly.

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    Preventive Maintenance
  • If you are using paper forms to capture detailed inspection information on your properties OR are trying to use either a work orders system or a preventive maintenance system for property inspections, we might be able to help.

    Access OnCite™ Inspections from your iPad, Android phone, BlackBerry or other smartphone to complete your custom property inspections and all of the associated inspection work orders.

    Create unlimited Inspection Templates and set your ranking and score options for each type of inspection. Assign and dispatch inspections to your inspectors who then capture inspection data right into your system as they walk through the property.

    Never re-enter inspection data into a spreadsheet or another system. Save time and reduce liability by expediting inspection-related Work Orders, even dispatching them during the inspection. Run custom reports that meet your unique business needs and keep all historical data for future reference.

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    Inspections Management
    Are you using spreadsheets or old project management systems to manage your current projects? Has the number of projects you do each year grown to the point that your current systems aren't meeting your needs? Is it difficult to communicate project priorities or to keep track of why some projects were deferred? Are your project management business processes unique to your organization?

    If the answer to any of these questions is yes, the OnCite™ Project Management solution just might be the right fit for you. OnCite™ Project Management facilitates project tracking and management from project budgeting through approval cycles, assignment of action items to team members and suppliers, and tracking project financials. Use Project Checklists to auto-generate work orders based on standard action items and schedules. Track bid requests, supplier invoices, problem logs and more.

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    Project Management
    Everyone knows that managing contact lists and keeping them up to date is a moving target. But sometimes the real challenge comes with having your contacts fully integrated with your property management software. The OnCite™ Contact Management solution puts all contacts in one place and in the hundred other places you need them - from within a Lease Abstract, on a Work Order, on Projects on Assets - everywhere it makes sense according to your business processes. And then OnCite™ gives you the ability to communicate with them via email and text messages from right within your Property Management system. That contacts list is also shared among your entire team, meaning that if anyone on your team gets the latest contact information from someone, then everyone else on your team now has that latest information. Add the OnCite™ Tenant Portal and have your tenants update their own contact information, further enhancing the quality of the data in your system. If your contacts are currently disconnected from your property management system or if you need to communicate better with both your internal team and with your customers, then OnCite™ might be a solution to consider. Request a demo to learn more.

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    Contact Management
    As with the management of all types of contacts, from suppliers to building engineers to tenants and everyone else, The OnCite™ Contact Management system brings the relevant information about your suppliers to one place AND lets you access that information from every logical place throughout the OnCite™ property management system. If you are having difficulty keeping up with your suppliers, with which suppliers did what work, with who is approved for a particular project, with your supplier bids, your supplier contracts or don't have integrated access to message your suppliers from within your property management software and track the history of communications with them, then OnCite™ might be a solution for you to consider. Request a demo and let's explore your options together.

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    Supplier Management
    Do you have a large portfolio of properties and no great way to track all of the details about each one in one place and in real-time? Is your property data spread among people, files, spreadsheets and different systems? Do you have to be physically in the office to find information about your properties? Would it be helpful if your property management software could relate everything in the system back to a property, including all accounting and financial details? Would you like to be able to capture all of your property details including photos, equipment, area calculation figures (rentable square feet), detailed description, amenities, construction design, parking capacity, environmental issues, contacts, and strategy? If you're answering yes to some of these questions, request a demo and let's explore whether or not OnCite™ might be a good fit for you.

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    Property Information Management
  • Is your current budgeting process founded on multiple people creating multiple budget spreadsheets and numerous rounds of approvals and manual updates?
  • Or if you are using a budgeting software package, do you wish it was fully integrated into your property management software?
  • Would it be helpful if everyone on your team could review historic budget data and real-time proposed budgets from home, the office or anywhere?
  • Would it benefit your team if everyone involved in the budget process - from facility managers to accountants to executive approvers - could have one tool that managed and automated the budget process and stored all budget history for future reference?

    The OnCite™ Budget & Expense system streamlines the creation,submittal, and approval processes as well as tracks the budgeted totals against the actuals. Go to one place to view current budgets, enter variance forecasts, manage CAM budgets, generate CAM reconcilliation charges for invoicing, and more.

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    Budget Management
  • Do you want to solicit feedback from your tenants on the services you provide for them? Do you believe that the occasional, well-timed survey could give you information you need to gauge the current satisfaction of your tenants, make needed improvements and ultimately earn their loyalty? OnCite™ Surveys facilitates the creation and tracking of fully customizable web surveys. Email the survey to all tenants, tenants in a particular property or schedule surveys to be delivered to tenants after they've requested a certain number of work orders. And when your tenants complete a survey, all of their results are automatically captured and stored in one place, real-time. Review history, track your improvements and report to tenants on how their input resulted in positive changes. Request a demo to learn more.

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    Online Surveys
    The OnCite™ Mobile and OnCite™ BlackBerry Applications are for companies that need to make their property management software accessible in the field. If your current system relies on printed work orders, radios, email or other outdated tools, perhaps it's time to consider whether or not OnCite™ might be the right fit your organization. Assign work orders to building engineers (automatically based on property and type of request) or using the OnCite™ Assignment Manager to dispatch work orders. Engineers and suppliers receive the work orders right on their blackberries and update and complete them in the field eliminating any rekeying or relaying information. Engineers can also initiate new work orders from the field and with OnCite™ BlackBerry can continue working in an environment in which they do not have a wireless signal. If you are looking to improve response time for your tenants, increase productivity and differentiate your service offering, then request a demo to explore whether OnCite™ might be able to help.

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    Mobile Solutions
    Is having accurate, relevant, on-demand reports important to managing your properties? Do you need custom financial reports that fit your unique business? Would you like to receive key reports in your inbox based on a schedule you set? Has your portfolio grown to the point that having your team manually create reports in spreadsheets is no longer an option? If so, perhaps OnCite™ and Deep Forest can help. Request a demo and let's explore the options.

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    Reporting / Strategic Decision Making

    For a list of all of the standard OnCite™ systems, download our OnCite™ Functionality List document.

    Plus, OnCite™ currently has over 140 standard reports!

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